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MTC to perform A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Suhyun Park
MTC will perform A Midsummer Night’s Dream from Nov. 16-18. Performances will begin at 7 p.m.

The Methacton High School Theatre Company will perform A Midsummer Night’s Dream from Nov. 16-18. The comedy was written by William Shakespeare in the 1590’s, yet the company is basing their rendition on a very different, more recent, time period. Midsummer is a story of mischief and magic, and has multiple subplots.

One centers around an argument between King Oberon and Queen Titania of the fairies. Oberon’s assistant, Puck, is a trickster, and his magical pranks cause chaos to befall the characters in the other plots. Senior Natalie Zebrowski (Titania) wrote that the best scene involving the fairies is the first scene. It introduces the conflict between Oberon and Titania, and is “really fun to do” because it has “so much tension and energy”. Sophomore Abby Drummond-Alston (Oberon) agreed with Zebrowski, and said that the fairies’ opening dance is another favorite.

The most central plot of the play involves Hermia’s struggles as she is courted by two men. The first, Lysander, is who she prefers, and the other, Demetrius, has the favor of her father. To complicate things even more, Hermia’s best friend, Helena, loves Demetrius without reciprocation. When Hermia and Lysander flee to a nearby forest, Demetrius and Helena follow them, but problems arise when Puck’s tricks make their relationships even stranger than ever. Senior Em Koch (Demetrius) said their favorite scene involves the lovers.

“We have a… scene in the middle [of the show] where Demetrius and Lysander fight over one of the girls,” said Koch. This is sure to be an uproarious hit because “it’s petty and silly,” Koch added.

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The third plot revolves around a comical troupe of artisans attempting to put together a play, which is to be performed before the soon-to-be duke and duchess of Athens on their wedding night. At the same time as the four Lovers enter the forest beyond Athens, The Actors begin a rehearsal nearby. Soon, the overbearing actor Bottom has a run-in with Puck’s magic, which leads to a series of humorous events.

Junior Evie Sullivan (Tom Snout the Tinker; Wall) believes that the best scene involving The Actors is their play, which they put on towards the end of the show.

“We all just get to have as much fun as [we] want and be… ridiculous,” she said. She added that the scene is hilarious because everyone in it has come up with something funny to contribute.

This production has presented many challenges for those involved.

For example, a large number of the show’s roles were written for men, but only a few males ended up auditioning. According to Mrs. Naylor, the show’s assistant director, “we had to be very creative and cast females in male roles”. This was ironic because Shakespeare would have done the exact opposite: casting men as women.

Another hard part of the play has been the antiquated language. Mrs. Fitzgerald, the show’s director, said that “getting our cast members to understand the Shakespearean language so that they are able to convey the meaning to our audience members” has been very difficult.

Student choreographer Alex DePiano has also experienced difficulties, namely coming up with “dances that non-dancers can learn and perform”.

For all of the trials that may have been faced in this production, there were also a great number of rewards.

Mrs. Naylor has loved witnessing “young people who doubted their ability to memorize Shakespeare” grow and “completely own their role” every time that she has co-directed Midsummer at Methacton (this being the third).

Watching the show grow has been a high point for Mrs. Fitzgerald, especially “watching all of the little pieces come together” to put her vision onstage.

DePiano has enjoyed “getting to create and teach dances with [her] co-choreographer Jeramie”.

Kendall Csonka, member of Titania’s Fairy Court, is a freshman who is working with many of the people involved in the show for the first time. As such, “getting to know all of the cast and crew” has been the best part of the production for her.

Many students are in support of going to see the play.

Freshman Ananya Nandakumar is going “because a lot of [her friends] are performing… and [she wants] to be there to support them”.

Ava Karlinsley, a sophomore, said that going would be “a fun thing to do”, and freshman class president Joseph Sipia stated that seeing the play “supports students” and would be entertaining.

Freshman Cecelia Cavallo pointed out that viewers would “get to experience the hard work that the [Theatre Company] put in”.

The student directors of Midsummer also suggest coming to see the production. Senior Jessica Gabell gave one reason why.

“I think the play has an incredible story to it that is relatable and enjoyable for everyone!” 

Even if a student is not interested in the plot, there are other reasons to attend a performance.

“Seeing this talented group on stage, after all the work they have done, is truly an experience that could change how you see theatre,” said senior Joelle Miles. She added that the theater company is a “good group of people” who will put on “a great performance”.

“You’ll have to come and see the performance to find out more,” said Mrs. Naylor. Each evening, seating will begin at 6:30 p.m. Shows will begin at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $7 for students and seniors and $15 for adults. Online tickets can be purchased at up to two hours before the selected show begins. Tickets at the door are cash only and cost the same as they do online.

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