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The student news site of Methacton High School

The student news site of Methacton High School

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The student news site of Methacton High School

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Bags, Baskets, and Bingo: A MHSTC Fundraiser

“This past Saturday we had over 100 excited bingoers vying for 10 incredible designer bags. Our prizes included bags from Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and Coach. On top of the Bingo excitement, our guests could try their luck at winning various raffle baskets. Overall, the atmosphere was fun and friendly and we can’t wait to host bingo again next year,” said Mrs. Fitzgerald, director of Methacton Theatre Company.  

The clock struck 6 p.m. on Saturday, May 4, and crowds of eager moms, friends, family, and community members flooded the cafeteria hoping for a night of luck. Raffle baskets and gift cards lined the tables and the colorful bags were displayed beside them, perfectly embodying the fulfilling night ahead. 

This was the theatre company’s third time hosting this event, and it has become one of their biggest fundraisers. The profits made from the event go to the company’s next production. Mrs. Fitzgerald and Mrs. Naylor are the club sponsors who helped to organize the event. Still, the club’s members volunteer their time to perform certain tasks throughout the night such as checking people in or selling tickets. 

Jessica Gabell, a senior member of the MHSTC who ran the check-in, said “Bag Bingo was such a fun night; it was a great way to get the community involved in supporting the theater company!” Hannah Lake, a fellow graduate and volunteer agreed and added, “It means a lot when people come out and attend these fundraisers. It allows us to put even better performances on the following year.” 

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The presidents of the company, Cora Heiser, Nora Alashuski, and Paige Alashuski, were the callers throughout the games. 

Guests could win any of the 10 designer bags during the bingo rounds. Brands such as Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and Patricia Nash made the lineup. These bags are picked and photographed for social media by a parent volunteer, Laura Walters. Different variations of bingo (four corners, L-shape, etc.) were played to decide the winner of each bag. The final game’s winner would take home the most expensive and spectacular bag, Kate Spade’s rose-colored “What The Shell Nautilus Shell Shoulder Bag”. 

Between rounds, raffle prizes, baskets, and coupons were awarded to attendees. These gifts included Phillies tickets, baked goods, coffee gift cards, aquarium tickets, singing lessons, an additional Michael Kors purse, and other prizes from local businesses. 

The fifty-fifty raffle was a big hit and the recipient won over $100. Another MHSTC volunteer, Evie Sullivan, who Vanna White’ed the bags, said “At Bag Bingo there were a lot of amazing bags and fun raffles. It made it even more exciting to be there with the possibility to win. It was so special to see people come and show their support.” 

All in all, this is one of the theatre company’s biggest fundraisers throughout the year. Guests can bring their food and plenty took it upon themselves to even set the table with tablecloths and make the most out of the night. 

Even though the company’s members volunteered, many still participated in the games and even won a few of the baskets. Mrs. Fitzgerald, one of the club sponsors and the company’s director, shared her overall amazing experience at the event. While she did not win a purse, she took home a baked goods basket.

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