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The student news site of Methacton High School

The Windy Hill

The student news site of Methacton High School

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Computer Science Teacher Hosts “Hotdog 100” Race

ready, set, go!

A first-period AP Computer Science A class concluded with the inaugural “Hotdog 100” on the track featuring 14 student contestants on June 4. Competitors had to eat a hotdog completely, followed by a 100-meter dash. They had the flexibility to eat the bun or hotdog first. They also had the choice of dipping the bun into water to be able to consume it faster. 

Mr. Kevin Metz, who teaches AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles, Intro to Computer Science, and Advanced Java Concepts, said the contest was initiated from his class’s warmup question. Students wondered whether Usain Bolt, Olympic champion runner, or Joey Chestnut, the world record holder for most hotdogs eaten in 10 minutes, would win a contest that consisted of eating a hotdog and sprinting 100 meters. 

Students who chose to compete were from his computer science classes of whom ranged from sophomores to seniors. Other computer science students spectated the event to cheer on their classmates. Some volunteered to serve as judges to check that the contestants finished the hotdog entirely before sprinting. 

Having a tremendous lead, Ryan Phan finished his hotdog at lightning speed and bolted to the finish line as the winner. He was followed by Jack Dowell, Gavin Jacobs, and Ryan Berkhimer respectively. 

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“I think the event turned out pretty well. It was a beautiful day and the competitors did a nice job. I’ll need to train my judges better next year to avoid any potential controversy. We hope to make it an annual event,” remarked Mr. Metz.

Below is the roster of contestants.

  • Ryan Berkhimer (Grade 12)
  • Conner Czincila (Grade 12)
  • Marisa DiPaolo (Grade 10)
  • Jack Dowell (Grade 12)
  • John Du (Grade 12)
  • Gavin Jacobs (Grade 12)
  • Ethan Krischner (Grade 10)
  • Nate Kulick (Grade 12)
  • Colin O’Donnell (Grade 10)
  • Ryan Phan (Grade 12)
  • Carter Rembert (Grade 10)
  • Josiah Tjoe (Grade 11)
  • Dylan Wen (Grade 11)
  • Eric Zang (Grade 12)

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