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The student news site of Methacton High School

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The student news site of Methacton High School

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Methacton High School Campus Planning Committee is Set for Upcoming School Board Meeting

Methacton High School Campus Planning Committee is Set for Upcoming School Board Meeting

The Methacton High School Campus Planning Committee (MHSCPC) is set to present its findings to the school board on Feb. 20 in the Arcola Middle School Auditorium. The goal of the committee was to “provide recommendations to the Board of School Directors on future investments in the Methacton High School campus and its existing structures/buildings.” 

25 students, 59 parents, 42 members of the staff, and 23 community members joined to provide recommendations. They were split into ten sub-committees, each providing three to five overall recommendations for a campus location. For example, the Traffic/Parking/Aesthetics subcommittee provided nine recommendations: three for traffic, three for parking, and three for aesthetics. The recommendations were summed up in a table (seen below).


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These recommendations were the result of the first meeting of the committee on October 5, 2023. The committee got an overview of the process and took a tour around the building, led by administrators. During the second meeting on Oct. 14, 2023, the subcommittees took tours of their specific areas. For example, the Sewer Plant/Transportation Building/Administration Building sub-committee went to the sewer plant. When the committees returned, they came up with three recommendations. Finally, on Nov. 2 the subcommittees presented their ideas to the committee. Subsequently, the planning committee voted on 15 recommendations. Those totals were added up and the top fifteen from the whole committee is seen below. 

Throughout the process, Superintendent Dr. Zerbe, the committee leader, brought in experts to assist, support, and inform the subcommittees. 

– Doug Kenwood – Director of Facilities

– Tim Barbagallo – Assistant Director of Facilities

– Derrick DeNardo – Lead HVAC Mechanic

– Jack Ayres-Fidevia – Owners Representative

– Jim Keiffer/Tanvi Harkare – KCBA-Owners Architect

– Dane Moyer – Bursich-Owners Civil Engineer

– John Gooley – Cardinal Point-Owners Security Consultant


Postcards were sent out to about all 13,000 households in the district to encourage community involvement in the process. More information can be found on The MHS Campus Planning website. Dr. Zerbe will lead a presentation featuring the recommendations at the Feb. 20 work session in the Arcola Auditorium.

Finally, this summary was presented by Dr. Zerbe of the overall purpose of the committee.

“Methacton High School, originally constructed in 1961, has a projected replacement value of $119,913,560 (1). In five years, it will have a facility needs of almost 60% (2) and projected renovations/repairs/replacements of $69,000,000. The district will develop a comprehensive campus plan considering the needs identified in the 2023 Facilities Assessment of Assets with Conditions along with the broader historical challenges associated with parking, traffic, aesthetics, accessibility, safety, pool and auditorium limitations/issues, hallway movement, room size/availability/flexibility/climate, building layout, classroom equipment, and pending program developments.”

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