It’s All About Perspective: 2023 Art Show


By Sofia Vernacchio

Everyone is unique. We all have different minds, styles, and outlooks on life. Whether an artist works through traditional drawing, digital art, graphic design, painting, sculpting, or any other art form, they channel what they feel and who they are into their work. All of it is a form of expression that the artist works hard to convey. This was the theme of this year’s MHS art show: Perspectives. 

As MHS art teacher Mr. Koons said, “We wanted to let the art speak for itself. We looked at this variety of work where everyone expressed themselves in their work differently so we left it pretty open.”

The exhibition ran from April 21st to 22nd, bringing large crowds of students, staff, and families. Not only could you look around at all of the amazing individual work, but some artists were even selling their masterpieces! Even if you did not get a chance to buy any of the art on display, many of the artists are still open for commissions. On top of the original art, there were several other items you could buy. The National Art Honors Society was selling magnets with many different designs, including smaller prints of the larger artwork. The Environmental Club was also there selling tote bags, stickers, and the fan-favorite plants! 

Now the art show may have looked simple and fun, but in the words of Art 3 student Haven Merril, “I hope people appreciate the hard work, effort and stress we endured.” Students from Art 1 all the way to AP Art worked hard all year to create what everyone got to see, not to mention the week-long set up in the library! 

“In the end I think we did a fantastic job, and every year is a chance to improve,” says MHS art teacher Mrs. Hall, “It’s my last art show, I am retiring after 31 years and I have done a show every year. I think after everything is said and done, they come out amazing!”

There were also many firsts for this year’s show. A brand-new hot air balloon festival decorated the hallway, which Mrs. Hall wants everyone to know she enjoyed making the most. The graphic design classes also participated in the Team Space Park challenge where they designed remodels for parks in the area. As people walked through the display, they could vote on which layout they liked the best– very interactive!

Many MHS students love the fact that they get to experience the art show every year. 

“I really do enjoy it, we have many talented people and I personally have many talented friends.” said Carlee Vogt, and she is not the only one. 

Alaina Ketchum also said “The art show is pretty cool and I like coming down here, not just to miss class.” 

Overall all the reviews are extremely positive! From the art crafting to the set-up, the art show was, as Mr. Koons put it, “A place where we can see everyone’s skills and talent all come together in different ways.”