Spreading Holiday Cheer: NAHS Hosts Merry Market


Tote bags were on sale by the NAHS

By Sofia Vernacchio

Last Tuesday, December 13th, the NAHS (National Art Honors Society) hosted the Merry Market. The event took place in the cafeteria from 2:30 to 5:00. The Merry Market featured numerous clubs selling a wide variety of holiday goodies!

NAHS officer, Julia Reid, said “It took a lot of prep and planning but I think we all did an amazing job!” Lucy Kinghorn, another NAHS officer, also expressed how awesome it was that other clubs were willing to participate. “It makes it more fun when more clubs sell things along with us.” she said. 

Five clubs set up their tables full of holiday items. Of course NAHS showed off their artistic abilities by selling homemade items. Such items included: bowls, crochet animals along with crochet kits, tote bags, soap dishes, pencil bags, and so much more. Their tables attracted many interested customers. All money made from their tables will be going to fund more events for the club! 

Next up is Helping Paws! Their table was filled with treats for humans as well as dogs. From sugar cookies to candy, Helpings Paws was selling some delicious treats! Funds made at the Helping Paws table will be going to their club and the numerous charities they support. 

BSU (Black Student Union) also made an appearance at the Market. They had a wonderful display of BSU t-shirts and cupcakes for sale. BSU club officer, Jeramine Hampton, said that “Our funds will go to our planned field trip. We will be visiting colleges soon.” 

Then there was the Class Congress, and officer Alexandra Dobai said “The Merry Market is a great event, and a good opportunity to have clubs show up to show support. Class Congress is excited to participate!” Their table was giving away free candy canes for shoppers, which were all gone by the end of the night! They also had many different hot chocolate balls for sale. And all of their funding will be going to setting up a fun event at Methacton! 

Last but not least, Best Buddies showed their support at the Merry Market. They were selling some edible cookie dough, which was a big hit! Money made from their table will be split, half going to fund the Best Buddies club and half going to So Much to Give Cafe. So Much to Give Cafe is a local cafe (with many Methacton grads working there) whose mission is to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment. They give jobs to those with disabilities, helping provide for their families. 

Students and parents enjoyed the Merry Market so much that the cafe was constantly full. In fact, people were at the doors before they even opened! It was truly a place with holiday cheer and cheerful gifts for all! None of the clubs were disappointed when it came to showing their support at the Merry Market. Almost no items were left, so I guess it will be a very happy holiday for whomever receives a Merry Market gift! 

Happy Holidays from the Merry Market and the Windy Hill!