Field Hockey: a Senior Night Full of Memories


By Alexander Eells, Sports Writer, Photographer

This past Friday (9/16) the Field Hockey team had their senior night as the Methacton Warriors took on the Owen J. Roberts Wildcats. There are seven seniors on this year’s team: Olivia Coppa, Abby Reger, Avery Schwartz, Nicole Uebele, Elise DeWan, Natalie Drake, and Emily Drake. Prior to the game, they were all honored as they walked through a tunnel made by their field hockey teammates and parents. 

Olivia Coppa went first. She said her favorite memory was with Abby Reger, her senior teammate, who she had to share a mouthguard with on a day she didn’t have one (she did acknowledge that it was rather nasty). Olivia broke her thumb sophomore season but said it was still her favorite season, complimenting her teammates. She loved pasta dinners which the team frequently hosted. In her freshman year, she was new to the school but said field hockey helped her through not knowing anyone. Finally, Olivia plans to go to college but says, “even if I want to go to college, I don’t think it [field hockey] is in the cards for me.”

Elise DeWan was next, she loved the team’s bus ride to the state quarterfinals, which was also what she had the most fun with. Elise has been playing field hockey for thirteen years and will be playing in college for Penn State. She also said she would love to coach a team one day. She hopes to make it far this year, once again. 

Emily Drake is one of two goalies, her sister being the other, and she went third. She said her favorite memory was from a senior on last year’s team, “…she constantly hit my head… by the end of the practice that one night, we were all rolling on the floor laughing.” Emily loved being with the team and craved the thrill of making a great save. Emily said her favorite game was that Friday, where the team won 3-1. Her favorite memory at Methacton was in her sophomore year where, “due to COVID, they had a tailgate, out in Oaks, and I brought my truck and decorated it, I had a big scarecrow, and all the hay bales in the back of it, with LED lights and everything, it looked amazing.” Emily has been playing field hockey for six years and will play field hockey and lacrosse at Delaware Valley University.

 Abby Reger was escorted by her dad, Tom Reger. She loved the team environment and is definitely going to miss the bus rides. Abby loved her sophomore year where she made a bunch of friends on the team. She has been playing since 4th grade and plans to focus on college next year. Her top choices are Wake Forest, University of Florida, and Penn State.

Avery Schwartz was next in line. Avery said her favorite memory was playing laser tag in one of her teammate’s backyards and then running to the pool and cooling off. She also plays softball and will pursue that with Methacton in the spring. She plans to go to college next year.

Nicole Uebele then walked through the tunnel. She said her best season was last season when, as said before, the team went far in the states. She loved the pasta parties and the team bonding it brought, as well as watching the basketball and football games at Methacton. She’s been playing Field Hockey for 10 years and will continue playing at Dickinson.

Finally, Natalie Drake came out with her parents. She too loved last year when the team made it all the way to the finals and played the number one team in the entire country. Despite the heavy downpour, it was her favorite game. She coaches at her local club team and will continue to do that. She started playing after her sister recommended the game to her, and has been in love ever since then. 

The Methacton won 3-1 in what was a great game. All the seniors played well on an emotional night for them.

Honoring the seniors:

From the game: