Fill the Hill: MHS turns out for Girls’ Tennis rival match


A view from the hill: tennis in action

By Daniel Johnson, Editor/Web Admin

*Interviewer credits: Maia Singh, Anna Lu

Senior Alice Liang led the pre-game chant that sent up a cheer from both team and audience. “I’m fired up, are YOU fired up? I’m fired up, ARE YOU FIRED UP? I’M FIRED UP, ARE YOU FIRED UP?” 

The girls’ tennis team faced off against Springford on Sept 15 in their biggest match of the season to date. Putting up a tough fight, they lost 2-5.

A green hill rises next to these matches (but no, it’s not the hill this paper is named after.) As the heat turned up on the courts, so did the support on the hill. Calls to “Fill the Hill” brought many students and parents to see the match. 

Parents brought snacks, including the “Snackle box” of treats that was very popular with the players. Students brought out signs of encouragement. The boys’ tennis team, who plays their season in the spring, showed up especially strong to support. One member of the girls’ team said, “it’s usually only the parents, and we’re glad for the added support.”

Alice Liang, the second singles player, was the first to win her match, with strong sets of 6-1 and 6-2. Her Springford opponent was no stranger, but actually her friend and coworker. That didn’t keep Liang from taking her match seriously.

“Once the point started, it was down to business,” said Liang. 

First singles player Hana Nouaime talked about the progression of her match, playing sets of 1-6 and 4-6.

“[It] could have gone a lot better, but I think the score didn’t reflect how I played. I was more nervous in the first set, but I got more confident in the second.”

Meanwhile on the second doubles court, Dru O’Brien and Carlee Dellose fought through three sets and a tiebreaker. Great points were won on both sides, and as all the other matches finished, it seemed neither pair could get over the other. With the full team and supporters watching, Dru and Carlee finally won the tiebreaker round, 7-3, to take their match for Methacton. 

Though they may not have won the match overall, the team played strong. Alice Liang reflected on the day:

“This is one of the better teams we’ve had in my years of playing here. I’m excited for this season.”


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