Spotlight: Five perform with PMEA’s District Choir


Elizabeth Francisco

(from left) Dylan Wen, Paige Alaishuski, Maximus King, Margaret Cavallo and Lucas Horoho participated in the PMEA District Choir Festival performance on Jan.14 at Council Rock South High School

By Rasika Sivakumar, Staff Writer, Web Admin

Chorale students Paige Alaishuski, Mimi Cavallo, Luke Horoho, Max King and Dylan Wen performed with the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association District choir on Jan. 14 at Council Rock South High School.

PMEA, founded in 1933, has many levels of achievement in regards to choir, orchestra and band. These levels include Districts, Regionals and All-State. All-State qualifiers can branch out of PMEA and into All-Eastern and, then, into Nationals. PMEA choir is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors. 

Junior Paige Alaishuski, inspired by musical director Mrs. Fitzgerald choir teacher Mrs. Francisco, said she felt very excited to be a part of the District Choir. Her mother used to be in choir, theater, and played the flute, and her father used to play the guitar. She feels that “[music] is anything but forced. It’s a break from life, but it’s something you need to put a lot of practice into, so it’s not a 100 percent mind break, but it’s freeing.”

Senior Mimi Cavallo has been singing and performing at musicals since she was three. Cavallo’s father plays the guitar and her mother sings in the church choir. Both of her sisters participate in theater. Cavallo also has two brothers who are musically talented as well. Last year, Cavallo made it into the All-Eastern Choir. She will strive to achieve the same this year. All-States auditions are held at the Regionals Festival which will be taking place in a couple of weeks. All-Eastern auditions will follow in April.

Junior Luke Horoho’s father is the choir director of Upper Merion High School and his mother is an elementary school music teacher. Horoho, who said, “Music is just what I do,” will most likely be minoring or majoring in music in college. This is his first time participating in PMEA as he didn’t engage in last year’s online festival. 

Senior Max King has been singing since the age of seven. King looks up to alumni Danny Geib. King made Districts last year, and was stunned when he found himself ranked ninth in the District Choir this year. King plans on taking up music in college.

Sophomore Dylan Wen has been playing the piano for 10 years. Having auditioned to be accompanist for the choir, Wen was one of only two accompanists for PMEA Districts and was the accompanist that moved on to Regionals. Wen breaks the record as being the first sophomore from Methacton to be an accompanist for PMEA Regionals. Wen loves listening to classical and jazz music, and he is leaning towards a career in STEM but will be playing piano in college.