The Multicultural Club hosts a drive-through charity event, collects 28 boxes of donations


Amy Zhang

The Multicultural Club collected 28 boxes of donations on March 6. Items included clothing, nonperishable foods, toiletries and common household items. The donations went to three local organizations: Mitzvah Circle, Norristown Ministries Hospitality Center and Aim High Studios.

By Amy Zhang

Members of the Multicultural Club camped out at the senior parking lot on Saturday, March 6, to host a drive-through donation event.

Several clubs, in addition to the Multicultural Club, participated in this event: the Medicine and Science Club, Model UN and Helping Paws. Donations benefitted local organizations, including Aim High Studios, Norristown Ministries Hospitality Center and Mitzvah Circle.

The club faced multiple challenges prior to launch. It was postponed twice: first in December, and then again in January, both due to the growing COVID cases. Because of the uncertainty of whether in-person events would be permitted, these cancellations decreased morale and made the planning process unorganized, according to Christina Sang, president of the Multicultural Club. 

To mitigate any significant COVID-related problems, event organizers adjusted the drive to account for possible transmission. The number of volunteers was limited so that everyone was safely distanced. Masks were required for both volunteers and donors. 

These efforts led to the drive-through event, which yielded 28 boxes of donations. These consisted of clothing, nonperishable foods, toiletries and common household items like books and toys. Part of the design of the drive was requesting donations

Multicultural club member Sharon Shi and club sponsor Mr. Peck loaded donations on March 6 to be sent to Mitzvah Circle.

be a wide variety of items so that ultimately, more people could be involved in supporting those in need. 

Sang discussed the importance of community action, and why contributing locally was the focus of the donation drive. 

I feel like many people immediately jump towards a big, notable problem when it comes to helping out. With helping locally, you’re making the effort to understand a broad issue on a more in-depth level. It’s awareness of what you can do for the people currently around you rather than someone across the country, or someone in another nation for that matter.”

The Multicultural Club aims to promote diversity and acceptance within the Methacton community. The club often has discussions about topics, such as cultural appropriation and racial inequality. The club’s main event is the annual International Festival, where people gather to watch performances, enjoy food and learn about different cultures and local organizations. Other notable annual events are the Holiday Candle fundraiser and Kids’ Night Out fundraiser, both which raise money for cultural organizations or current events-related aid. In the past, their efforts have contributed to World Teach, Doctors without Borders, Australian Wildfire Relief and the Native American Heritage Association. 

Earlier this year, the club held the International Festival online via a Youtube live stream. Events in the future will include guest speaker sessions and another charity drive.

The club welcomes new members year-round.