Q&A: The Senior Situation


By Daniel Johnson, Editor/Web Admin

Between not-so-beautifully executed senior social media accounts and post graduation plans, the seniors find themselves with less than five months until their final day at MHS. That being said, enjoy this senior-themed Q and A with yours truly, a Windy Hill editor.


Q: In Dr. Gravinese’s meetings with the senior class, we received the answer to our first question: Why did the school board set graduation for June 13? 

A: The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires 180 days and 990 hours of education for a PA school to be eligible for graduation. With the way our year-long schedule has proceeded, graduation cannot be any earlier than June 13th without falling short of these requirements. 


Q: For many seniors, this date falls right in the middle of their plans for senior week. But if graduation can’t be moved up, why did so many seniors book houses in Ocean City during the week of June 11? 

A: The MHS school board released the date of graduation on Jan. 4. But with the speed that Ocean City houses fill up, many seniors had to put down deposits for their senior week houses much earlier, and were forced to guess the date. The last three years of graduation (2022, 2021, 2020) at MHS have taken place in the second week of June, and with several surrounding school districts (Phoenixville, PV, Norristown, Wissahickon, Springford) also having their graduations during the second week of June, many MHS seniors assumed their graduation would keep with that previous schedule. So, they booked their reservations for the third week of June. But when the graduation date was announced to be in the middle of that third week, many have found it difficult to move their reservations. Interestingly, of all the school districts bordering Methacton, Upper Merion is the only other one to schedule graduation in the third week of June (aside from Souderton, who hasn’t yet announced their date). 


Q: The graduation date led to students organizing meetings with Dr. Gravinese to discuss the matter. So how has administration reacted to this situation?

A: To help remedy the conflict, Dr. Gravinese has adjusted the senior final exam schedule and the graduation practice schedule. The graduation date itself is out of her power, but moving finals and the practice dates allows seniors to only have to spend one day of the third week at school, rather than multiple. The three mandatory graduation practices are now June 8 at 11:30 a.m., June 9 at 9:30 a.m., and June 13 at 10 a.m. (the morning of graduation). 


Q: Aside from graduation, the rapidly approaching senior banquet has also raised some questions, namely “Why is the senior banquet in February this year?”

A: Last year, the senior banquet was in mid-May. Anna Rozinsky, president of Class Congress, says that this year’s date, Feb. 16, is actually the traditional time for the event. It was pushed to the spring calendar over the last few years, but was moved back to its original time this year to avoid being overshadowed by prom and graduation. This year’s senior banquet at Normandy Farms will include dancing, superlatives (for which voting starts the week after midterms), and of course, food.


Q: As any senior with Instagram knows, we’re choosing our senior skip days flawlessly. How many senior skip accounts are there now?

A: As of now, at least 9. The original, mhs_seniorskip23, fell out of favor when it was accused of not listening to the voters of the senior class. From there, we’ve gained another one or two (or well, 8) accounts, all claiming that they will be the ones to properly represent the senior class. Some are serious and some are not so serious, but I doubt we’ll have a full class senior skip day any time soon. 


Q: Why am I getting so many emails from the yearbook?

A: The yearbook staff is putting together photos from all different parts of high school life, not just our picture day photos. We’d better send in the pictures they’re asking for, or we’ll be the ones complaining when there aren’t enough photos of us in our own senior yearbook.

Natalie Drake from the yearbook staff says, “We would love for more content so we can really make sure that everyone is getting included in the yearbook. It really comes down to the students sending in content because it’s you guys who make the yearbook!”


Q: What’s our senior prank going to be?

A: No idea yet! But if our senior skip accounts are any indication, it has a very big chance of falling apart. Senior pranks are usually at the end of the year so we’ve got some time, but how about we stick to one account this time?


Q: What’re we doing for our class trip?

A: Ordinarily, a senior trip is the graduating class’s extended field trip, a last chance to be all together as a class before graduation. Unlike Senior Week, the senior trip is school-sponsored by our Class Congress. This year, we’ll celebrate the end of school with memories of our beginnings: an elementary-school-style Fun Day. By keeping the event local, there will be no cost to the students and everyone will be able to participate. Fun Day will also overlap with Senior Breakfast to have a whole day celebrating the seniors. 


Q: Who’s competing for Mr. Methacton?

A: The current list: Ethan Bernhardt, Josh Cancro, Jake Chapman, Mike Christian, Tyler Deal, Brandon Downs, Steven Hoehl, Evan Hostetler, Daniel Johnson, Bobby Kleckner, Tony Paone, Nihaal Parmar, Nick Sandella, Nick Willen, Jack Winters, Michael Wolbers, and Yusuf Zabun. The competition is on March 3rd, so get ready to see them all on stage (especially me).


Q: There are so many things that start with “senior” and I’m losing track of them all. Help me.

A:  Buckle up, seniors, here we go.

  • Senior Banquet (Feb 16): dinner and dancing at Normandy Farms, celebrating the senior class; 
  • Mr. Methacton (March 3): fashion/talent competition for senior boys; 
  • Prom (Apr 28): formal dance/dinner, both juniors and seniors;
  • Post-Prom (Apr 28): night-long fun at school after Prom, free of charge; 
  • Awards Ceremony (May 24): evening of junior/senior awards in academics, service, the arts, and more;
  • Senior Trip/Senior Breakfast (May 25): not finalized; school-sponsored Fun Day activities and breakfast
  • Graduation Parade (June 8): walk-through of elementary schools as a senior class;
  • Graduation Practices (June 8, June 9, June 13): practice runs of the graduation ceremony
  • Graduation Ceremony (June 13): band performance, diploma ceremony, speeches
  • Senior Week : week-long trip to Ocean City as a class after graduation, not school sponsored 
  • Senior Newspaper Editor: me. (plus one more of us).