MHS spares no effort in holiday hallway decorations


Winter Wonderland on Warrior Way (art hallway)

By Daphne Johnson, Staff Writer, Web Admin

Over the month of December, the staff and students of Methacton kept busy spreading holiday joy and excitement throughout the school. Each department was tasked with decorating its hallways, which in turn were voted on to determine the finest section of the school. 

The staff and students did not hold back with their creativity in this challenge, creating atmospheres filled with artwork and lights throughout this school. For instance, one particularly creative area was The Peppermint Path, decorated by the Counseling department. The walls of this hallway were fully covered in red and white stripes of paper, while peppermint decorations hung off the ceiling and floor. The lights themselves were lined with paper to glow red, and bright string lights were strung across the tops. All of these decorations, complete with a balloon arch, completely transformed the hall into a festive and fun experience for anyone passing through.

In addition to the decorations, other methods of vote-swaying were used. The Winter Wonderland hallway, for example, distributed free hot chocolate throughout the day and even had a staff member dressed up as Santa Claus to add to the festivity. Some hallways had bowls of candies and snacks up for grabs, and others went as far as to give out homework passes to anyone voting for them or helping them decorate. With these examples in mind, it’s evident that the staff and students participating used many different methods to bribe— sorry, convince their voters.

After all of the decorations were put in place, all that was left was the final voting. When the forms were sent out to students, votes anonymously were casted, and in the end, one hallway was declared superior. This winner was no other than the Winter Wonderland on Warrior Way. This hallway consisted of brown paper-covered walls, with snow-tipped trees along the way. Above hung paper snowflakes and string lights, giving the hallway an air of comfort and holiday warmth. Not stopping there, the Winter Wonderland didn’t just win overall; they also received the title of most whimsical, and it’s safe to say their hard work was well worth it.

Although only one could win the overall vote, each and every hallway displayed an amazing show of the staff and students’ creativity and talent at Methacton. This competition led to the creation of movie-like scenes wherever you went, all thanks to the efforts of everyone participating.


Photographer: Daniel Johnson