Medicine and Science Club holds another successful Coffeehouse


Jad Daher

Students took sticky notes from the periodic table to choose the element they would turn their cupcake into

By Jansi Patel

The smell of coffee and the sound of singing float through the Methacton halls. You follow your nose and ears to the cafeteria…

On November 30, the Medicine and Science Club held their winter Coffeehouse! The Coffeehouse returned again this  year with an open mic,a STEM-related activity, and baked goods. This time, participants decorated cupcakes to look like elements from the periodic table. There was a periodic table with sticky notes and students each took a sticky note for the element they wanted to create. Officers and some members sold cupcakes, decorating kits, drinks, and snacks. 

While the cupcakes were being decorated, there was an open mic set up! There were many amazing performances. One of the most notable was the Medicine and Science club’s very own sponsor, Mr. Adoff. Mr. Adoff wowed the crowd with his amazing voice and guitar skills! 

The Tri-M Music Honor Society also helped this event be successful! Many of the performers were part of the society and officers helped sell refreshments. 

Tri-M’s co-president, Haley Chung, said,  “Honestly, this is such a great way to raise money for a good cause. It’s so fun and there’s great vibes.”

Last year, the Medicine and Science club raised $1270 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, $950 of which came from two very successful coffeehouses. This year, the club hopes to raise $1400 and has already raised $270 from the coffeehouse. The club hopes to have another coffeehouse in May. 

Medicine and Science Club president Ananya Shrivastava said “It’s on par with what we’ve done in the past, and we’re also looking forward to STEM day coming up. We meet every Wednesday in Mr. Adoff’s room if you want to get involved!”

STEM Day is another exciting event the club holds. The community is invited to learn about science through fun STE

M experiments, including elephant toothpaste and fake snow! Be sure to show out on January 14th for this year’s STEM Day!

Photographs from Josh Cancro:

Photographs from Jad Daher: