Three clubs wish the Air Force a happy birthday with youth drawings and care packages


Amika Chaiwongbut

Members of Habitat for Humanity send their support to the US Air Force with youth drawings.

By Amika Chaiwongbut and Kathleen Kenny

Members of Habitat For Humanity, She’s The First, and Save-A-Life gathered on the lower floor of the library on Sept. 15 to create “youth drawings” with short, messages attached in honor of the US Air Force’s birthday. 

Artistic abilities being irrelevant, every student who attended created at least one drawing. Some even created as many as five to wish the military branch a happy day and to thank them for serving their country. 

Partnering with Bimbo’s Bakeries, the clubs sent the drawings and messages, as well as care packages with delicious baked goods, to the U.S soldiers stationed in Qatar, who celebrated the birthday of the U.S Air Force on Sept 18. 

Junior Sameeksha Panda, the organizer of the event, first heard of Bimbo’s Bakeries project when volunteering. She met one of the key organizers and learned they were looking for high school students to participate in creating the youth drawings. 

Sameeksha decided to turn to the students of MHS. 

“The reason why I thought we should do it is because I really love to volunteer and to put in effort to help make someone else’s day better. With all the turmoil going on in the Middle East right now, I really wanted to partake in this project to remind people that we support and celebrate them during this tough time.”

The project was a great way for students to gain experience through an amazing and important cause which is why Sameeksha planned it through school clubs.