YouTuber, Internet Historian


By Jonathan Bender, Staff Writer

With a following of about 2.94 million subscribers, Internet Historian follows the antics of the net and other assorted and entertaining stories. For example, a video from 2018 discusses the movement of Kony2012 which tried to stop warlord Joseph Kony in central Africa. He discusses what the movement was, how it was inspired, criticisms of it, what went wrong, and its actual effects. This high-quality, research journalism is one of the key marks of Internet Historian.

In his earlier videos, he took a look at some stories and events that were based on 4chan, known for its support of many right-wing groups and reactionary thought. Over time, the coverage of content that can be perceived as political or in some way biased has been reduced, being replaced by neutral content. It is unknown why he specifically moved away from this but a theory is that it was done to draw a wider audience to less polarizing content.

A recent video from this year discusses the tales of the “Gentleman Pirate” Stede Bonnet, a man who entered piracy as a landowner after his economic debt grew too much. This 50-minute piece discusses the life of Stede, his actions, his effects, and the world around him. 

This video emphasizes the work put into the piece, with voice acting for characters and original images and assets for the animation. The entire video follows a flashback from the last moment of Stede’s life to his adventures which eventually lead the story back to the opening scene. Many videos follow this similar quality of effort along with stylistic effects like humor and artistic style. 

In this age of the Internet, genuine and hardworking content creators are hard to come by. Internet Historian is a prime example of what could be. If you enjoy comedic, thought-out, and high-quality content, check him out.