WPG Sends Out Anti-Domestic Violence Messages with the Clothesline Project


By Hailey Grawe, Contributing Writer

The Warrior Performance Group empowers people who are struggling in society through fundraisers, dancing, singing, speaking and art. On April 23 WPG came together to fight violence against women through The Clothesline Project, a global initiative meant to remember victims and survivors of sexual violence. The movement is meant to help prevent violence as well. They wanted to inspire others to speak out about the issue. Each member created a T-shirt that informed, spoke against, or brought light to domestic violence. They all painted, drew or wrote eye-opening messages on their shirts and later gathered in the courtyard to hang them up to spread their messages. Through these shirts, they hoped to come together and to move one step closer to the end of domestic violence. They want to bring power and strength to those going through domestic violence, survivors of domestic violence, and those who lost a loved one to domestic violence. In this feature, you will see photographs of the WPG members during The Clothesline Project.