Multi-Cultural Club Hosts Kids Night Out


Gabriella DiFlorido

Club members and kids prepared to play Jenga in the cafeteria.

By Christina Sang, Contributing Writer

The MHS Multicultural Club hosted its third annual Kids Night Out Fundraiser on Feb. 14. Club members babysit children while the parents also enjoy an evening out. More than 60 students from kindergarten through sixth grade enjoyed activities including board games, arts and crafts, coloring, face-painting, jump rope and dodgeball.

Following the club’s first fundraiser of the year, a Christmas season candle sale, the group, run by President Ashley Liu and Vice-President Rebekah Varghese and sponsored by Guidance Counselor William Peck, hosts this event to raise money for the Aclamo Family Center and Cecil & Bean’s Soup Kitchen, local charitable organizations situated in Norristown.

The fundraiser raised more than $1,000.