Why Rent is the perfect show for high school theatre

By Jane Vitelli, Staff Writer

The Methacton Theatre Company recently announced their decision on their spring musical. A story of addiction, poverty, sexuality, and sickness will open this February. Rent, The Musical is the lucky winner for this year, and one of the best shows that a high school could ever pick.

Many have already argued that the show is too “risky” or “provocative,” especially for a group of high schoolers. These are the same people that keep their mouths shut when any issue makes them the least bit uncomfortable. Rent is not just filled with great music and exciting dance numbers, but touches on prevalent issues that still occur in our present day world. With the struggles of poverty, AIDs, sex, drugs, and relationships, seven bohemians push through day by day and let the world know that they are not changing to fit in with the everyday “normal” people. The show portrays each character with different goals and aspirations, but all believe in the bohemian lifestyle. They point out that it is okay to just be you. This is what these high school students are so eager to portray and reveal to their audience. It is not just about creating a great performance, but about addressing touchy subjects that will speak to the audience. It is important for these many sensitive subjects that are rarely talked about, to be out in the open.