Prom Night is on the horizon

By Adam De Lisser, Staff Writer

Students are beginning to scramble to find prom dates for the April 21 event. While many dating students will go with each other, a large number will have to search for someone who will go with them, while others may opt to attend the event solo. Whether you attend with a date or not, the night is sure to be filled to the brim with dancing and fun for everyone who attends.

Despite being only a single night, prom night is always advertised throughout the entire year. A majority of the student body always attends, while some invite people from outside school by using bought tickets. Students dance to night away while having honest fun, without having to worry about classes or schoolwork. “I like it, but i’m not sure I’ll be going this year. But I believe the event fits Methacton very nicely,” Christopher Wolgast said.

While prom is the main focus, the night closes out with the post prom event later in the evening. This event is organized to keep students safe from alcohol and tobacco throughout the evening, while still maintaining a positive, fun environment. The post event goes late into the evening, and students usually stay from the actual prom. In fact, states that 93 percent of the students who attended the 2016 prom stayed for the post prom.