Dance team is “about the fun you have”


The dance team provides students a chance to showcase their talent via three-four performances at MHS events: basketball games, pep rallies and auditorium productions. Amy Gillette is the captain of this team.

Last year’s captain, Kimmy, who graduated, shared her experience.

“I loved being a part of team. One of the reasons I wanted to be captain was so that I could show my passion. I got to learn from a lot of people within the team like Sandy, Amy and many more. Dance isn’t about your size or weight and how popular you are, it’s about the fun you have. I wanted to get this message across.”

One of the things that Dance Team does is recruiting everyone no matter what their dancing ability is.

“It doesn’t matter if you can dance or not. Everyone is welcome and we dance all year.” says Emma, a junior.

Dance Team meetings usually run on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students interested in joining should talk to Sandy DiRienzi, a sophomore, or Amy Gillette, a senior, and team captain.