The most wonderful shows of the Year

By Megan Kaliner, Staff Writer

Winter break is everyone’s favorite time to relax, no matter which holiday they celebrate. However, lots of people get bored during this time, or just need a break from their crazy relatives. The perfect solution is watching TV, it doesn’t require much thinking, yet at the same time it keeps you occupied. Here are the top shows perfect for you.

If you tend to get bored of a show quickly: Skins

With three generations you will never get bored. When the generation changes, there is a whole new plot with new characters in the same setting. Each generation is dramatic, exciting, and unique. All three share intense plots with complicated situations. Episodes alternate on which character they highlight, keeping each generation even more interesting (don’t worry, it’s not as confusing as it sounds). Who doesn’t love drama in England? Plus, the entire show is on YouTube.

If you love fashion: Project Runway

If you love fashion, drama, and amazing talent all in one, you’re guaranteed to love Project Runway. 20 designers are brought in each season to compete for first place. The winner receives many prizes in order to help them continue their fashion career. Each episode has a challenge that the contestants have to complete. The fan-favorite is the “unconventional challenge” where participants make high fashion designs from things other than fabric. The show can be found on On Demand or

If you like action, drama, and (obviously) werewolves: Teen Wolf

On its final season, Teen Wolf is heading out with a bang. The trailer is so intense, it should be enough to motivate you to catch up on the rest of the seasons. If not, you should consider the amazing cast, crazy plots, and insane enemies that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. The whole show can be accessed on for free.

If you love drama and NYC: Gossip Girl

A (not so) perfect girl with a crazy life: this show follows Manhattan’s “elites” and all of their rich kid drama. Situations become out of control, and there are so many plot twists to make your jaw drop. The whole show is narrated by Gossip Girl, who bashes the main characters and exposes their problems. You can find the show on Netflix.

If Gossip Girl seems far-fetched: One Tree Hill

Similar to Gossip Girl, this show has all the drama. However, the situations are much more realistic, making the characters more relatable. There is also a lot of character growth which is gives an uplifting feel for the watcher. The show is basically about a bunch of teenagers in the town Tree Hill. Like normal teens, they fight, have relationships, and they’re not perfect. Be prepared for crazy love triangles. This show can also be found on Netflix

If you’re sick of bad things happening to good people: Greek

The show Greek is about college sororities and fraternities. No, they’re not all preppy and annoying. The show highlights the more reasonable side to sororities and fraternities. It is a refreshing show because while there still is enough drama, the main characters usually have things work out for them because they are actually good people. Though sometimes things get a little messy, nothing too outlandish happens. This gives off a sense of security in the show, while still keeping it interesting. Plus, the whole show is On Demand

For the horror and comedy lovers out there: Scream Queens

No, this show is not just for girls because of the word “queens”. The whole thing is a gory murder mystery which also includes a hilarious script with outstanding acting. The show really keeps you on the edge of your seat with a creepy murderer on the loose. Season one takes place in a college while season two takes place in a hospital. Both seasons have been very well done with shocking revealings. The show is on or On Demand.

If drama isn’t your thing, but action and (a little) creepiness are: Stranger Things

It is surprising that a cast with young children could produce a horror-esque show so perfectly. The main characters all search for their best friend who has been taken by a monster from a different realm. It becomes really hard to dislike any of the characters because they are all very strong. The show is exciting and also very thought provoking at the same time. There is a lot of science involved, but don’t worry, the show explains everything very well so the audience does not get confused. This show is on Netflix

If you need a good comedy: Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Everyone knows that even your family drama can’t top the Kardashians’ ridiculous problems. The show probably isn’t meant to be funny, but sometimes you just can’t take it seriously (in a good way). The reality TV series has brought millions swarming to their televisions just to see what the Kardashians will do next. Most of the seasons are On Demand.

These awesome shows should last you through the break. Each one is really great and if you finish one, why not start another? Even if it’s not your type, go ahead and try it. It’s better than being bored, right?