Million Dollar Hope

By Marc Ciccarella, Staff Writer

With the first marking period coming to a close, so does football season. Despite finishing the season with a sub-500 record, coaches and players are still looking to the future as they are hoping the multi-million dollar addition of new fields and overhead lights will draw more people to the sport in the coming years.

This exciting project has been rumored since the late 70s. There was even a case where lights were actually delivered and then taken away without being put up. Methacton’s athletic director Mr. Spiewak, who has been at Methacton for 15 years, explained this bizarre scenario.

Previous to me being here, lights had actually been delivered on trucks and then there were legal issues that had taken place and then went to the courts.”

When asked about how long this project has taken Mr. Spiewak replied, “I’ve heard twenty plus years from some, and then others remember going to school here in the late 70s I think ‘77, ‘78 where they had heard talk of getting lights.”

The head coach of the football team, Mr. Lepre, is optimistic about the future of Methacton football because of these new additions.

“We had an increase of about fifteen players from last year’s squad, which I attribute some of that to the new field. But at the same time I think that it may be more appealing to more numbers as we move forward,” explained coach Lepre.

Senior football player Dylan Henry says lights make the fans more enthusiastic. “It will get more people and more crowds out for the game and that will get us more hype for each game.”

He also says the turf gives him an in-game advantage. “I feel like my speed is one of my best attributes, and I feel like turf compliments that well over grass.”

These new additions give both athletes and fans plenty to be excited about. Whether you enjoy football, field hockey, lacrosse, or baseball, these upgrades will please everybody.