ECC continues to explore alternatives

By Kaushik Srinath, Contributing Writer

Many years ago, scientists discovered that we did not have a renewable supply of fossil fuels. This meant that our electricity, like all products, was limited.

Fast forwarding to our current time, scientists have been researching possible ways of creating and harnessing a continuous and renewable amount of energy. From wind turbines to solar panels, these researchers have come up with simple but quicker ways to get electricity. But the only way for us to solve this energy crisis, is if we educate the youth.

Enter The Methacton Electric Car Club, an alternate energy club founded in 2001 whose members have dedicated themselves to spreading awareness about the approaching energy crisis.

Through its long tenure, it has transformed a snack truck into a renewable energy maker that runs on waste vegetable oil. Some select members have even participated in many energy events including a three-day competition at the Hydrogen Energy Research Center at Penn State University in which the team accepted an award for a third place finish at “21st Century Automotive Challenge”.

To spread awareness, they have also traveled to many events including Temple Ambler’s Earth Day, the CO2 challenge in New York City, and the Philadelphia Solar Sprint competition. ECC has visited many schools in their community as well, including Arcola Middle School, in which couple of students presented at their S.T.E.A.M. Day, and Eagleville Elementary.

The box truck was also developed to directly charge the electric vehicles via the six solar panels mounted on the roof, and eight batteries inside the box truck.

This year,  the students are interested in converting a bicycle into an electric bike which will be charged off of the solar panels.They will use this to demonstrate an application of alternate energy resources to other students. Hoping an electricity-creating bicycle will help their cause, they will be revisiting many events such as Temple Ambler Earth Day, New York City Earthfest, and visits to various schools in the area, such as Arcola’s STEAM day, and Eagleville Elementary. Also, the vehicles will be displayed at the Philadelphia Auto Show as a new step to solve the world’s energy crisis.