Google Classroom and Chromebooks bring displeasure to MHS seniors

By Marc Ciccarella, Staff Writer

MHS seniors have voiced their displeasure for the Google Classroom and Chromebook rollout for the 2016-17 school year. This year, MHS teachers are using Google Classroom, a program that focuses on organizing all classwork on the Internet, as part of their everyday instruction. For some, mainly sophomores and juniors, this change is very beneficial due to the Chromebooks that were given out to 10th and 11th grade students. However, seniors along with freshmen, are highly disadvantaged.

Students that received Chromebooks bring them to all of their classes throughout the day and also take the computer home with them. This makes it easier to connect to Google Classroom throughout the day. For freshmen and seniors though, this technology crossover has been more of an affliction rather than a blessing

Since freshmen and seniors did not receive Chromebooks, they are reduced to using other means of technology, mainly smartphones, to access Google Classroom during the school day if their teachers cannot give them access to a computer. Some seniors are already voicing their disapproval for the new changes.

“I don’t like any of it to be honest. For my physics class [the teacher]  says we have to bring in our laptops for the lab days, but the school policies urge you not to bring in expensive items because if they are stolen the school cannot do anything,” said 12th grader Sean Todd.

Another senior, Nicole Cassey, has spoke out on the matter as well. “I like it, but I hate it. I wish I would get literal paper nowadays, but, at the same time, [Google Classroom] is pretty organized. I  do hate that seniors aren’t given laptops. If we want to work on the stuff in school we have to bring in our own, but not everyone can do that.”