Teens texting too much, raises concerns on a number of fronts

By Adora Maddonni, Staff Writer

Teenagers are known to be especially attached to their electronics.The average female teen sends about 4,050 texts per month, while the average male teen sends about 2,539. The average number of texts sent and received per month has gone up 566 percent in just two years.

Some students at MHS said they already know they send a completely unreasonable number of texts during a school day, let alone in an entire month.

“When your texting someone in a conversation it doesn’t really feel like you’re sending a lot. But when you look at the big picture, like how many you’re actually sending a day, or a month even, you kinda realize ‘woah that’s a lot’,” says sophomore Sara Alvarez.

Other students even say that they know they text way too much and are trying to cut back.

“When I think about how many texts I send a month, I kind of feel bad. No one in the world seems to care about anything but their phone, and our generation, I think, is the worst in that aspect. That is something major that I think should change”, said sophomore Alexis Tornetta.

With all this texting comes some serious problems. Researchers have said that teens are missing out on learning how to read a people’s physical and verbal actions in conversations because of their text-laden lives.

“No matter how many emojis you use there are a few non-verbal clues that are lost in text messages, the sarcasm that you sense when someone rolls their eyes, the shifting body position when someone doesn’t want to say something, even the change in their tone of voice that sets the mood for the whole conversation,” says Shannon Doyne of the New York Times.

More concerning may be teenagers’ thumbing habits when mixed with their on-the-road endeavors.

New drivers are getting their licences in the most popular time of cell phones. According to the Federal Communications Commision, 11 percent of drivers who were in a car accident admitted to sending or receiving a text message when the accident occurred.

Texting even brings about some medical concerns. According to the Journal of Family Practice, texting too much can actually lead to tendonitis. Tendonitis is caused by repeating the same motion over and over again, which can cause severe pain, aching, and throbbing.